Volatile Substance Misuse Program

Funding Agency: Queensland Government – Department of Communities

Funded Initiative: Addressing volatile substance misuse

Funded Period: 1 January 2011 – 30 June 2014


To provide safety and support services to young people who engage or are at risk of engaging in the misuse of volatile substances, and other substances, and to reduce the incidence of and extent of harm associated with volatile substance misuse in the community.

VSM operates during regular hours and also provides an outreach service four nights per week.   The office has established a number of personal development and skill based activities which are provided both at school and community locations.  Types of activities include: young womens group, young mens group, art & painting workshops, touch football team competition.

The outreach conducts regular nightly activities in order to redirect young people into a safe and positive environment.  It operates Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm to 12am (subject to change).

For further information please call 07-4922 6180 during business hours or 0400 716019 during outreach hours as stated above.